Andors Episode 1 Review

Sep 21, 2022

 Andor: Episode One Review 

Will the prequel to Star Wars' greatest prequel film match Rogue One's brilliance?

Episode One of Andor suggests that it will. 

This prequel show features Captain Andor and his adventures with Mon Mothma (yes, THAT Mon Mothma as they rebel against the Galactic Empire in the years prior to A New Hope.

andor starwars show review episode one
“They’re so proud of themselves. So fat and satisfied.” 

So sums up Andor and his worldview of the oppressive regime.  

Cassian Andors is again played by Diego Luna and Genieve Reilly (who surely cannot believe her luck that her cut scene in Revenge of the Sith has eventually led to this series role) plays Mon Mothma. We even get an extended cameo from Saw Guerra - throw in Jyn Erso and that's practically the whole gang back together!

Writer and executive producer of  Andor Tony Gilroy led the re-writes and the now infamous re-shoots for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Lucasfilm clearly felt he was a safe pair of hands to oversee this project. Gilory scripted the films in the Jason Bourne film and notably directed The Bourne Legacy so is no stranger to big gigs.

Episode one begins with Andors on planet Morlana One searching for a female in a brothel. 

I know, classic Star Wars right?

The scene is atmospheric with rain, bright likes and all-round dinginess - a straight out of the Bladerunner film playbook. Andor is revealed to be the same cold-blooded murderer as he was in the opening scene of Rogue One. 

He does a bit of Tom Cruise running and we leave the planet.

andors series review

We then met a red robot whom I'm gonna call Wall-e and we have a bit of a Pixar moment as Wall-e drives through a bit of rubbish, has a chat with Andor, and thus begins the episode properly.  

The show has a colour tone that reminds me of the first Alien film, there's some real grit on display. The sets are grimy and the moustaches inspiring. George Lucas would be quite happy with this vibe surely. 

Andor has something to trade and he runs around sorting that out. British viewers might view him as a version of Lovejoy, running around wheeling and dealing.

Speaking of the British, there's a million of them cast in this show. 

I know, classic Star Wars right?

This first episode is a slow burner, gradually setting the markers for what is to maybe come. Normal people's lives being ordinary and difficult. Hard workers making a crust for a living. There is dispair in the air,e everyone is just trying to survive. 

One man is clearly with a mission that is yet to be revealed. 

Nothing else match happens. 

There is no fan service. No Jedi. No Stormtroopers. No Skywalkers. 

It's gonna be a brilliant ride. 

Trivia about Episode one of Andor

  • I suspect the suits the Kenari tribe wear may be precursors for the uniforms the Rebels eventually end up wearing.
  • Kassa (the child) clearly becomes Cassian (the murderous fellow).

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