Andors Episode 2 Review

Sep 21, 2022

As is the trend, many shows are dropping with a couple of episodes as part of the debut. Andor's slowburner first episode is immediately followed up with Episode 2. 

This second episode begins to slowly unpeel the layers of the complicated onion that is Cassian Andor.

In doing so, showrunner Tony Gilroy's masterly crafted world beings to open up, revealing elements of Star Wars that we know and love. 

andor episode 2 review

This episode features, more grime, more dirt. Moar wheeling and dealing. 

Andor is starting to face the consequences of killing a man who was on his knees. The Big Bad Corporation wants him found to avenge the death of their worker bee!

How noble of the Big Bad Corporation. 

Jealousy and betrayal swirls around Andor, are his friends his friends? Who loves who the most?

Will Cassian ever find his sister?

Who knows as this show is so damn tight lipped about what's actually happening all we know is a net is slowly falling around Cassian. 

An Imperial net.

On the flip side of that, remember the peeling onions?

We're introduced to an unnamed Luthen Rael, who is a contact Andor appears to have been seeking an audience with. This writer suspects this man may be a gateway into the broader Star Wars realm for Andor and the viewer.   

Again, no blatant fan service is in play and nothing much of real note occurs...


  • I think Robot B's voice at this point maybe is that of Alan Tyduk who was K2SO in Rogue One. If I'm right, there's gonna be a great story how that voice swap occurs.
  • Bantha model spotted in Andor's room?
  • The dead man half falling out of the downed spaceship in the Karimar flash pack is posed in a similar manner to that Luke Skywalker found himself in the ice cave on Hoth. We may be reaching on that one...

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