James Ryan

Gudday. I'm James Ryan and I freaking love Star Wars as much as you do. Well maybe not, there are some very far out fans out there...

There's no hive of villainous scum here, just news and views on the new movies such as the new Han Solo gig and of course The Last Jedi - and some look backs at some great Star Wars moments from the past 6 other movies. 

This blog will tend to be only about the movies and not so much about the expanded universe as I don't know so much about that. I did read Splinter of the Mind's Eye as a kid.

Does that count?

I certainly don't pretend to be a Star Wars expert, I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe... I do like to brew beer on occasion!

We are certainly not an 'echo chamber' for news like so many other Star Wars sites out there. When news is BIG, we'll comment for sure though.

Where to start? Here's some posts that I quite like:
But if controversy is what you're looking for, try our popular Darth Vader does not mean Dark Father essay!

If you're looking for this site to help you promote your wares, we are open to it on a quid pro quo basis. We're not helping you promote your commercial venture for free!

Email: (in the usual manner).

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