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deak starkiller concept art

Ralph McQuarrie.

Doug Chiang.

These are just two of my favourite things about Star Wars.

To paraphrase Maz Kanata, "Who are they?"

They are two of the biggest visual influences on Star Wars. Ralph McQuarrie was the original concept design artist who translated the ideas George had in his brain by way of paint to paper. Doug Chiang was the lead artist for the prequels are carried over into Rogue One and the Force Awakens.

And boy, between them and about probably 1000 other artists, many a conceptual drawing has been made before even a foot of film is shot or recorded in any Star Wars movie. Indeed, word has it that the U-Wing in Rogue One went through 781 different drawings and iterations before the final design proof was approved to get things into production.


The brief of a concept designer is simple. Take the ideas the director and script have and turn them into something visual.

Something that can be built.

Something that can be sewn and worn.

Something that can be rendered to binary code and projected across the stars.

Something, something Star Wars.

Easy eh?

Here's many many pages of concept art that has been design by Chiang, McQuarrie and host of others that have been given the OK by George Lucas, Richard Marquand and a few other luminaries.

Original Trilogy concept art

This is where it all began. George Lucas needed to shop his script around the studios to get it made. He knew that if he has some sketches and designs of what he wanted to make to show the studio executives, they might buy in more easily. 

Ralph was the man for the job and you can find some of his original drawings in the links below.

naboo star fighter concept art

Prequel films concept designs

force awakens concept art

Sequel Trilogy movie conceptual artwork

The plot of The Force Awakens was a closely held secret - until the concept art was leaked and fans were able to work out a few things!
jyn rescue rogue one art

Rogue One 

Given Rogue One's director Gareth Edwards was known for making is own special effects for his first movie, the expectations about the quality of the look of Rogue One and how it ties into the feel of A New Hope were huge. Edwards delivered visually like no other Star Wars movie had and large part of that was the effort that went into the design.


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